Neo presentation, new generation of solar charger

Compact and easy to use, The Neo solar charger developed by UbiCell is designed to run and recharge any electronic device merely through using solar energy. It is the ideal companion to any outdoor activity (fishing, boating), when on the move (long journeys, comping, caravanning) or a working environment that involves considerable mobility (site visits, journalism).
Neo is designed to fulfill the needs of standard mobile equipments, able to recharge up to two smartphones in less than one hour. Its latest generation solar panel, driven by an electronic card designed in a research laboratory can deliver up to 30 W. It is equipped with two USB connectors to recharge all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices, etc...).

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Measurements 57cm (length) x 40cm (height) x 4cm (thickness)
Weight 3.5kg
Photovoltaic solar panel 30W
Connectors / Output voltage 2 USB sockets (5V - 2.5A)
Adjustable stand 0, 20, 40 et 60°
Box contains 1x Neo solar charger, 1x protective cover

The Neo was designed to meet the requirements of all types of mobile equipment on the market. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or even your GPS, the solar charger developed by UbiCell will can recharge your device in only a few hours of sunshine.
Our latest-generation, very high yield monocrystal solar panel is capable of providing power of up to 30 W in bright sunlight. It has two USB sockets for recharging any portable device powered by this type of connector (smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices, etc.).

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L.PRIEURLaurent PRIEUR, an electronics and information systems engineer, graduated from the ENSEA in 1996, and worked in various sectors of industry (automotive, telecoms, aerospatial) for 15 years. In 2006, he returned to higher education to study business management and was awarded an MBA. In 2009, Laurent created Soleïs Technologie, a company specialising in photovoltaic solar energy.


« I’ve been working in solar energy for eight years and I am convinced of the relevance of renewable energy as it is likely to become the major source of power in future years ».

V.RADIVONIUKVincent RADIVONIUK, a computer and industrial processing engineer, graduated from HEI in 1995, and amassed 15 years experience in industry (automative, motor drive, military programs, aerospatial). He is an expert in on-board technology and in the management of complex industrial projects. For 7 years, Vincent has been Technical Director of the Soleïs Technologie company of which he is the co-founder.


« My main motivation ? Restoring trust in renewable energy thanks to effective and reliable tools ».

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